Voyage to Voyager

By KC Fringe (other events)

6 Dates Through Jul 25, 2015

In 1977, Carl Sagan was asked by NASA to head a committee to create a peaceful greeting to extraterrestrial life, which would be included on board the Voyager Space Mission. The next six months were filled with frantic calls, governmental red tape, unexpected egos, miscommunication, and last-minute changes, but most of all, the question: "What does it mean to be human?"

The creators of the 2014 Kansas City Fringe Festival's Best-Attended Show, "Red Death," invite you to the magical dome of Union Station's Gottlieb Planetarium, where live actors, animation, and outer space collide in a comedic, informative, and unconventional theatrical event. "Voyage to Voyager" is written by the authors of "Hexing Hitler/Sexing Hitler" and "KHAAAAAN! The Musical," Bryan Colley and Tara Varney, who also directs. The play stars Coleman Crenshaw as Carl Sagan, Jen Benkert, Claire Davis, Andy Garrison, Michael Golliher, Parry Luellen, and Shelley Wyche, and features original animation by local artist Billy Blob.