Songs of the Steppe

By KC Fringe (other events)

Tue, Jul 28 2020 5:00 PM CDT Wed, Jul 29 2020 11:59 PM CDT

A mesmerizing performance of traditional Mongolian instruments and fascinating throat singing.  Ancient Mongolian songs are filled with culture. Music spread from home to home on the occasion of festivities and by way of teaching. The family or the clan meeting constituted a good chance to gather and sing together, the chance to learn from others, and to take home a new melody. In this way, the ancient patterns performed in various corners of Mongolia have been preserved by local masters for the whole nation. In this concert, Togi shares his internationally-recognized talents, including vocals that speak to and mimic the sounds of mountain winds, rivers and horses.  Indeed, a rare cultural treat for the listener who is intrigued by world music and costume.  Togi and his beautiful family were part of the recent Genghis Khan at Union Station, performing for tens of thousands of visitors.  They now reside in Kansas City while waiting to travel to their next musical residency in Portland, Oregon later this Fall. 

All Ages