Memory and Weather

By KC Fringe (other events)

4 Dates Through Jul 25, 2014

EIO was formed in 2012, in the wake of a collaboration between David D. McIntire and bassist Brian Padavic. Over the course of this, the notion of an ensemble that performed indeterminate works took hold and Ryan Oldham was invited to fill out the trio. All three are composers and all contribute to the group's repertoire. While the trio often performs from notation, each work is designed to be realized differently each time they are performed. Thus, every musical outcome is "irreproducible." In the works with electronics, recordings from earlier performances are embedded into the electronic material, usually transformed in some way, yet providing a "memory" of the previous experiences. With each new performance, this material is remixed, and while certain dimensions will remain the same and be familiar to the musicians, there are always some surprises. In this way we hope to mirror the phenomena of nature and the workings of people's daily lives.

Warnings:  None

Rating:  All Ages

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